About Jan Virt

I’am excited you stopped by to find out who is behind the lens.

Taking pictures has been a little hobby of mine since very young age when I bought my first compact film camera from petty cash which I have collected by cashing-in the beer bottles of my dad. However I have started pursuing professional photography full time just recently after working in corporate finance sector for over a decade. It felt like doing a backflip into the abyss of unknown, but it has been an incredible journey so far and I would love to partake in yours.

I prefer to incorporate personal aspect of athletes into my images and want to know who they are, what makes them laugh and how was their day. I also believe everybody deserves great picture no matter what difficulty they are trying to achieve or how high above the ground is the summit. Once, during the shooting in France, my friend who was being photographed yelled at me while climbing, “Dude, I feel like a superstar” and that’s exactly what I want to achieve.

Knowing the vertical environment as a climber myself allows me to be fully independent so you can focus on climbing without interruptions. Lifelong passion for climbing and desire to explore allowed me to travel the world from smaller climbing areas around Prague to beautiful Alps, majestic Yosemite Valley and remote expeditions into thin air in Nepal, Tibet and Andes.

Feel free to follow where the world takes me via Instagram @virt_jan or Facebook @janvirtphotography.

Let’s go climb some rock together!